Performance and Composition with AI

Conservatory of Music Pollini
May 2024, Padova, Italy

Excited to be back at Conservatorio Pollini for a Master Class and Workshop on AI in music composition and performance. I will introduce my work, we will experiment with the instruments and interfaces developed by the Intelligent Instruments Lab, and study the works of the artists that have turned this technical and cultural object into an instrument for musical expression.

You can apply at this link.

Sketching Magnetic Interactions with Neural Audio Synthesis

ZhdK, Tenor Conference
April 2024, Zurich, Switzerland

Stacco is an instrument-score with embedded permanent magnets. It attracts and repels magnetic spheres and detects the changes in its magnetic fields upon interaction. It is designed to perform with neural audio synthesis models, in which sound features are represented and distributed within entangled multidimensional sonic spaces. Stacco allows drawing and embedding scores into the interface itself, and by bridging gesture and notation it overcomes some of the inherent limitations of traditional notational methods as applied to this novel technology.

In this workshop, led together with Giacomo Lepri, participants were invited to compose and perform sketches for neural synthesis models, by drawing, embedding and layering tracing paper sheets on top of Stacco's surface. The workshop was followed by a discussion on the scores created by the participants and on the affordances of this compositional strategy as applied to neural audio synthesis.

Stacco: Sketching Sonic Interactions

Fabryka Sztuky
October 2023, Łódź, Poland

This workshop is part of my ongoing research at the Intelligent Instruments Lab, and is aimed at exploring Stacco, the instrument that I developed together with Giacomo Lepri, as a support for composition. Stacco allows to control neural synthesis model with high precision, but also to freely wander through unoredictable magnetic interactions. Each participant designed a musical score to be placed on top of Stacco and played. The outcomes of this workshop will be part of a future publication.

Music Therapy Workshop with Oncologic Patients

May 2022, Altre Parole Fundation.

A laboratory aimed at facilitating the intuitive expression of emotions through an AI graphic score. Taking place on the second week of May 2022, for two groups of oncologic patients. One after the other, the sentences written by each of the participants were processed by Emo, a graphic score for emotion recognition, changing in real time the notation played by the groups with musical instruments.

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This laboratory started in 2020. It was conceived in collaboration with Il Portico, an amazing cultural association that promotes the integration and well-being of people with different abilities. For the first edition we cooperated with the students of the secondary school G. Leopardi (Mira), that with Marco Privato designed a beautiful graphic score. The participants of the laboratories imagined and sketched on paper a series imaginary instruments, that were turned into real ones using tablets, smartphones and microcontrollers. We used IanniX to rehearse playing over graphic signs and to finally perform the complete score.

A video documentary of the laboratory will soon be available.

This video features the score as imagined by the G. Leopadi secondary school students and the audio from the final performance.
20 Suoni_ Orchestra inclusiva

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Electronic Music Labs

Electronic music and music computing for secondary school students in Treviso
May - June 2022, Digilab Treviso.
Electronic music and music computing for secondary school students in Dolo (Venice)
December 2020 - May 2021 and November 2021 January 2022. Il Portico.