DodekaOTTO Multichannel System,
Tamlab, Bruckner University and Ars Electronica,
Linz (AU)

A practice-based research on AI navigation and sound in space.

Thanks to the friends at Tamlab (Linz), I was able to practice with the Dodekaotto: a 20+1 speaker system in the form of a dodecahedron.

I performed with it using my magnetic scores with the aim of observing how the internal representation of the AI models might find a correspondence in the outer world.

This led to a performance and lecture at Ars Electronica 2023 and to a publication (soon available).

The videos are short studies on spatialisation of RAVE models. The images are from the Ars Electronica lecture and performance using the DodekaOTTO system at Anton Bruckner University.

Magnetic Scores at Tamlab

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The Magnetic Score

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Thales at DodecaOTTO (1)

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