Scramble is a ML software for the real-time generation of music from MIDI combining LSTM Networks and Markov Chains. The NN at the heart of this tool can be trained directly by the user from the GUI, and controls dynamics, note lengths, tempo and rhythm. The MC instead generates pitch patterns feeding into the NN. It is possible to combine together any number of MIDI files, or even to create custom models for unexpected results.

Download Software (JAVA JDK 17.0.2 Intel needed)

Scramble Live

Scramble Live is a complementary tool for Scramble. It runs the models trained on Scramble, but offers higher interactive capabilities such as the real time analysis of the direct input from MIDI instruments.

Scramble on Disklavier

One of the first tests with Scramble, controlling a disklavier in real time.
Here, Scrambe is combining Charlie Parker's Ornithology for rhythm, tempo and dynamics with Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert (first part) transcription for pitch.

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Scramble Walkthrough

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This piece was made with Scramble and recorder on a Disklavier. The singing from the Kawaii O_o, an extincted bird, has been transcaribed and fed into the model. Rhythm and dynamics are from Shoenberg's drei Klaviersucke in section one, and Charlie Parker's Omnibook transcriptions in section two.

Notochord Arcs and Scrambled Signals

With Victor Shepardson
Presented at AIMC, Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Music Creativity
Brighton (UK)