Collaboration with Eva Sajovic
Augmented textiles and generative soundscape,
London (UK)

Interactive sound installation, part of the exhibition Knitworks/Plantscapes in colalboration with Eva Sajovic. It augments the textiles with touch and position sensors triggered by the interaction with the viewer.

Similarly to the way human agency in the environment and through technological means often leads to unpredictable outcomes, the interaction of the viewers with this system is not linear. The work is experienced at times as docile and responsive, at times as unpredictable and tempreamental. In a metaphorical transposition of our relationship with the environment, the installation leads the viewers to question their own perception of control within the ecosystem.

The complexity and unpredictability of this system system is both algorithmic and analogic. Thanks to the large capacitive sensors, very sensistive to humidity changes, the installation enters into a dialogue with the broader environment, which defines its behaviour as much as the programmer.

In this work all the microcontrollers, sensors, wires, lithium batteries, aluminium used to implement the interactions are displayed to the audience, becoming aesthetic elements in their own right. This choice relates with the importance of understanding technology in order to operate informed choices.

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